Terms and Conditions


CNPJ 21.917.963/0001-24


The terms and conditions set forth herein (Terms and Conditions of Use), established by POUSADA GUAIAMU LTDA. (HOST), CNPJ 21.917.963 / 0001-24, govern the provision and use of accommodation facilities and services by the CUSTOMER.

By electronically accepting this Instrument, the CUSTOMER is automatically agreeing to fully comply with its terms and conditions and any future changes.


This instrument regulates the conditions for the provision and use of hosting services, to be provided at the premises of the HOST, located at Rua Maria Eugênica Ferreira nr. 62, Toninhas Beach, municipality of Ubatuba / SP.


The structure offered by the HOST consists of:

2.1. Large suite equipped with a queen size bed and a double sofa bed, which can accommodate up to 04 (four) people, minibar, smart TV and air conditioning. Has balcony and large bathroom equipped with shower;

2.2. Outdoor pool with 3 (three) deep levels that allows fun for the whole family. The hours of use are free, provided that the rules on noise are observed (Municipal Law nr. 2.910 of February 16, 2007) and the rights of other users;

2.3. Outdoor parking.


3.1. 24/7 surveillance cameras on parking and reception;

3.2. Digital access control for admission to the inn and rooms.


4.1. Balanced breakfast consisting of coffee, milk, chocolate, tea, cereals, breads, cake, cold cuts, yogurt, fruits and juices (subject to availability). Served from 08:00 to 11:00 hours;

4.1.1. Any dietary needs and / or restrictions should be previously reported to verify the possibility of attendance.

4.2. The Host does not offer meals, but provides microwave, for free use by the customer, available in the eating area;

4.2.1. The CLIENT may use the premises of the Pousada if you choose to order food through the delivery services available in the region.

4.3. The rooms will be stocked with the bedding and bath, Box rug and bathroom;

4.4. In order to preserve CUSTOMER privacy, room services may be offered upon request every two (02) nights.


Except for areas intended exclusively for employees, the CUSTOMER may move freely through the Inn, subject to the following conditions:

5.1. The CUSTOMER is responsible for the proper use of the facilities and equipment of the Inn, being obligated to compensate the HOST for any damage caused, replacing the damaged item with another of equal or superior quality, or pay for its replacement or repair;

5.2. Smoking is not allowed inside the rooms or any enclosed area of ​​the hostel.


6.1. The HOST accepts the entry of pets, up to a limit of two (02) animals per room and subject to the following rules:

6.1.1. The CUSTOMER is entirely responsible for the animal, and must ensure that it is comfortable and quiet, so as not to disturb other users of the Inn;

6.1.2. The animal, regardless of its size, must be permanently arrested by a guide when passing through the common areas of circulation of the Inn;

6.1.3. The CUSTOMER will be responsible for collecting animal waste and cleaning the environment;

6.1.4. The CUSTOMER will be responsible for any and all damage caused in the premises of the Pousada, its equipment and utensils, forcing to replace the damaged item by another of equal or superior quality, or pay for its replacement or repair.


The CUSTOMER may make their reservation through the website www.pousadaguaiamu.com.br, by calling (12) 3842-3000 or (11) 94304-8071, or by search channels such as Booking.com or AirBnb.

7.1. Reservations will be confirmed upon payment of 50% (fifty percent) of the requested period amount. This payment must be made by bank transfer, the rest upon check-in;

7.2. Check-in time starts from 14:00 on the first day of the period and check-out until 12:00 on the last day of the period. Any change in these times will be by mere tolerance of the HOST, not representing novation of any kind;

7.3. Reservations may be changed or canceled, provided that the cancellation policy stipulated herein is met.


8.1. The CUSTOMER will have the right to change the period of his / her reservation, 01 (ONLY) once, as soon as requested in advance of at least 07 (seven) business days prior to the scheduled check-in date. stay be adjusted to current prices for the selected season;

8.2. If the CLIENT chooses to cancel the reservation, the HOST is obliged to refund the amount paid under the following conditions:

     8.2.1. 100% of the amount paid when and if requested within seven (7) business days prior to the scheduled check-in date;

     8.2.2. 50% of the amount paid when and if requested within three (3) business days prior to the scheduled check-in date and;

    8.2.3. There will be NO refunds for requests made within 03 (three) business days prior to the scheduled check-in date.

By completing the reservation the CUSTOMER will be automatically accepting all the conditions provided herein.